Brain Tumour Research

In addition to our local support services, The Thorne Mason Trust are also raising money to fund vital research into brain tumours. We have joined forces with numerous brain tumour charities across the UK, uniting under the national Brain Tumour Research banner. Our collective voice carries greater weight in nationwide coverage and adds to our capacity in lobbying local MPs up and down the country as well in the halls of Westminster. An additional benefit of this unique coalition of brain tumour charities is the ease in which the most important campaign message can be passed at a local level.

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Debate to increase funding in House of Parliament

Westminster Hall
Monday 18 April 2016 Meeting started at 4.30pm, ended 7.30pm

E-petition 105660 relating to funding for research into brain tumours.
Helen Jones MP (Warrington North, Labour)

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Brain Tumour Research Wall of Hope

In 2014, we made a significant to Brain Tumour Research `Wall of Hope' appeal and were lucky enough to visit the University of Portsmouth and have a tour of the research labs to see what great work is being done to find a cure for brain tumours. The wall marks the launch of Brain Tumour Research's national £7m `Centres of Hope' fund-raising campaign to raise £7m for seven centres of excellence to get seven times closer to finding a cure for brain tumours.


Jessie adding to the wall of hope

To enable the University of Portsmouth's centre of excellence to focus on a three year programme of brain tumour research it will need £1million per annum. Put simply, over a course of 365 days in a year, that’s £2,740 per day. Our aim is to be able to sponsor as many days as possible.

In August 2014, The Thorne Mason Trust was very proud to have made the first of three £10,000 donations to Brain Tumour Research. The money has sponsored three days of research at Portsmouth University's Brain Tumour Research Centre and three plaques on the 'Wall of Hope' which we have had engraved in memory of those close to our hearts, and added on meaningful dates.


£10,000 raised for the wall of hope 2014

After many years of hard work & fund-raising we're so pleased to be in a position to donate such a large amount of money and would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, this would not have been possible without you.