Support Services

We offer a range of services to help support people suffering from cancer and brain tumours. As the The Thorne Mason Trust is a small charity we are proud to be able to provide support to suit the needs of individuals. Some examples of the services we can provide include the following listed below.

Types of Service

Currently the Thorne Mason Trust uses the money raised to offer support to anyone in the Pembrokeshire area who has been affected by a brain tumour or cancer. Our aim is to provide different services to those already existing in Pembrokeshire so that we can help make everyday life a little bit easier for sufferers and their families. Because we are a small charity we are able to work on a personal level and provide services to suit the specific needs of individuals.


We can help out with your lawns and garden, or tidy up if things need a trim or watering house plants.


We have passionate professional cleaners if you need a dust around the house in areas you cant reach.


We can cook you up some grub to keep you going, we can even tailor to your dietary requirements.

Organic Drop Box

A box of Vegetables for you to enjoy with loads of health benefits for you to add to your meals.

Meals Out

We can offer a service to cover the cost of a meal out for you and a partner or family member.

Complementary Therapies

Yoga, Pilates or Reiki or Massage are just some of the therapies we offer.

Beauty Treatments

A bit of pampering can be offered if you require that ensure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Nutritional Advice

A new diet or just have some concerns, we have professional nutritionists on call for a chat.

Lending Library

Need a good read... We offer that as well with a selection of books for all ages.

Friendly Chat

We would love to talk, there are many sympathetic ears in our charity waiting to here from you.